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FootGolf for all

The tour has several visions and values centred around its ambitions of growing the game.

• Provide a showcase and competitive tour for the higher skilled players.

• Family orientated that develops its player base locally.

• Encourages player participation in a safe and friendly environment, regardless of individual skill level.

• A tour that expresses all the values associated with the FootGolf community and golf club etiquette.

• A social enterprise that trades solely for the benefit of its players, courses and to introduce FootGolf at a youth and community level.

• A transparent and accountable tour which uses a business approach to achieve its social goals.

• Offer FootGolf pathways from youth level to national and international competition.

• To provide excellent organisation and professionalism to promote the sport and its supporters.

• To support where possible, disadvantaged children, teens and vulnerable groups.

• Endeavour to create a supportive social and sporting environment for all members to develop in.

• Appreciation of on course success and encourage interaction between all on the course.

• To develop school and youth programs which can be beneficial for physical and mental health, aid discipline & behavioural issues as well as raise social awareness.

• To support where possible, golf courses in maximising potential and revenue of FootGolf facilities.

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